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The New Hampshire Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NHACDL) is a voluntary, professional association of the criminal defense bar in New Hampshire. NHACDL is the largest - and only – private, statewide organization devoted to criminal defense. In 2013, we celebrated 25 years of defending YOUR liberty (1988-2013)!

Collectively, our members practice in every courthouse in the state and handle every type of criminal case. NHACDL is an affiliate of the National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Our ultimate mission is to ensure, safeguard and promote the effective assistance of counsel in criminal cases, to support the lawyers who do this work, and to preserve the fairness and integrity of the criminal justice system.

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Fall 2014 CLE

NHACDL will hold its Fall CLE on Friday, October 17, 2014 at the SERESC Conference Center in Bedford, NH.  This CLE will focus on voir dire training and cross examination techniques needed for the modern trial. 

Attorney-conducted panel voir dire will now be allowed in all criminal jury trials in NH!  Read more about this recent change to the law HERE.  To get up-to-speed on this new trial challenge and opportunity, Kelli Childress and George Ostler will conduct a training that covers the why and the how of panel voir dire.  Attorney Childress is from Illinois and former NHACDL Board Member George Ostler is a long-time VT and NH defense attorney.  (bios)

Once you select your qualified jury, the best tool a trial attorney can have is an excellent cross examination.  Cross examination training at this CLE will address modern-day cross challenges -- using social media and technology, current ethical issues, strategies for linking your cross to the platform you built during voir dire, as well as how to structure the "forever" cross and organize large amounts of detail in a way a jury can retain.  This segment will be covered by Joach Barth, Linda Slamon and Ryan Guptill.   

Read more: Fall 2014 CLE


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