NHACDL awards the Champion of Justice each year to honor NHACDL members who have demonstrated achievement in the practice of criminal defense and have provided outstanding service to the organization and/or community.

NHACDL's Champions of Justice

Alan Cronheim (2016)

Julia Nye (2015)

George Ostler (2015)

Joach Barth (2014)

Katherine Cooper (2013)

Jim Moir (2013)

Randy Hawkes (2012)

Gary Apfel (2011)

Jan Peterson (2010)

David Rothstein (2009)

Carrie Smith (2009)

Chris Keating (2008)

Cathy Green (2007)

Mike Iacopino (2006)

Donna Brown (2005)

Richard Guerriero (2005)

Andrew Schulman (2004)

Mark Sisti (2003)

Paul Twomey (2003)

Bjorn Lange (2002)

Barbara Keshen (2001)

David Garfunkel (2000)

James Duggan (1998)

Factors considered by the selection committee may include but are not limited to:

--commitment to NHACDL and its membership

--success in protecting by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the NH and US Constitutions in criminal cases

--service as a role model or mentor for newer lawyers

--teaching and/or scholarship that assist(s) other criminal defense practitioners

--financial support of NHACDL and its activities

--unwavering dedication to criminal defense

--commitment to serving indigent defendants

--service in one’s community

--participation in policy and legislative activities that benefit the criminal defense bar

--generosity of spirit; personal sacrifice; and creativity in criminal defense

If you would like to make a nomination, contact Katherine Cooper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.